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Oct. 25, 2012


AGE: Entering Freshman in College

EXPERIENCE: Youth group and regional experience is a plus. While camp experience (especially GUCI) or another URJ camp) is not mandatory it is preferred when recruiting new staff. General comments: A Machon must get along well with and like to be with children. He or she must be a positive role model that exemplifies maturity as a young Jewish adult. A Machonic must have a well-developed sense of responsibility with good judgment and common sense.

RESPONSIBILITIES:Directly responsible for all the campers living in the cabin. This means day-to-day involvement with the individual campers. A counselor must effectively impart to all campers the policies and rules of camp. He or she must see that every individual camper makes friends, becomes acclimated to life at camp and grows towards his or her potential, and becomes a part of the total camp community. It is the Machonik’s job to act as the “early warning system” for campers with problems that may have to be referred to other staff. A Machon must be able to also work with others and communicate both with co-workers and supervisors. A Machon should take part in the planning and programming of activities required of them.

- Responsible for the health and safety of everyone in the cabin

- Insure that all campers exercise good hygiene and health practices

- Notify nurse of any suspected health problems

- Help campers keep track of their belongings

- Directly responsible for the cabin, its cleanliness and good repair

- Responsible for regular, enthusiastic participation in the camper education program

- Teach or assist in teaching specialties

- Responsible for the programming of bunk activities

- Help organize evening programs

- Attend Machon meetings and participate in assigned activities for the Machon program

- Being totally familiar with all emergency procedures and making sure they are posted in the cabin

- Be an active participant and role model at ALL program activities during the day

- Responsible to his or her Unit Head

- Mackonikim will be evaluated throughout the summer by the senior staff member in their cabin, as well as the Assistant Unit Head and the Machon supervisor.

- This job description is for you to read and look over. These are the camp’s expectations of you.

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